Rail Safety Week Roundup

27 June 2023

Panel discussion at Rail Safety Week Conference

Work Wallet sponsored the Rail Forum’s Rail Safety Week to shine a spotlight on how digital transformation of paper based safety makes an impact. And we invited Shane Hill from Freightliner to talk about his experience in the transformation of health and safety at his busy site.

Rail Safety Week

Rail Safety Week is an industry wide and industry led initiative focusing on rail safety for all. Rail Safety Week (RSW) aims to bring rail safety to the forefront of people’s minds across a dedicated week; keeping safety firmly in the spotlight and sharing ideas and best practice across industry colleagues. This year the Rail Forum have taken on the baton to run this very important safety awareness campaign.

Presenting at Rail Safety Week Conference

Running the Rail Safety Week Conference on Monday 26 June at Shoosmiths in London gave colleagues from across the industry a place to come together to highlight best practices, safety improvements and initiatives plus an opportunity to highlight their commitment to rail safety.

“When Elaine asked us to sponsor the event it made complete sense with the success our clients in the rail sector tell us about when they’ve deployed Work Wallet into their organisation. One of our most successful clients, G+W Freightliner, could tell the conference attendees their experience of digital transformation for the health and safety practices. Rail safety has to be a priority area still due to the complexities of people who work in the industry, people who use this transportation and the fact that our railways are still accessed by people who shouldn’t be near them” says Jonathan.

Digital transformation talk

Rail Safety Week at Shoosmiths

Over the last 5 years digital transformation of systems within organisations has probably surpassed everyone’s expectations. Safety is still an area that needs to be focussed on for systemisation to make it simpler and more effective for people.

Work Wallet’s CEO Jonathan Gray talked about the challenges of going digital and how when people plus technology gets on brilliant things happen. Using feedback from our user base Jonathan highlighted how using software for safety means real time visibility of data for people on site and management, improved communications within a team and across an organisation, commitment and engagement from staff on safety matters plus better control and management of subcontractors.

Work Wallet invited our rail client Freightliner to join us to showcase their journey of digital transformation. Shane Hill, Safety and Sustainability Advisor for the company told the audience how he’d taken the health and safety at their busy site from paper based inefficient systems to an all-in-one safety software solution.

Adopting digital Health and Safety management tools has helped Freightliner improve safety standards at its busy South coast depot. Online Safety Briefings, streamlining of asset inspections alongside managing contractors and visitors more efficiently are all results of using Work Wallet. A full UK rollout has now implemented which you can read more about here

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