Risk Assessment feature and Audit service configurability enhanced

We’re always improving Work Wallet based on feedback from our clients, working to enhance our services and develop new features.

21 October 2021

We’re always improving Work Wallet based on feedback from our clients. We have a busy and ongoing development programme to enhance our existing modules as well as developing new features. Our Risk Assessment feature and Audit service have been enhanced. Additionally, we are also running dedicated user clinics to support you in using new features as they roll out.

Risk Assessments

NEW: Bespoke method questions, and flexible templates in our Risk Assessment feature

Our most popular module - our Risk Assessment feature - just got better.

Tailored question can now be included in risk assessments, meaning:

  • Bespoke RA content can now be created, for example CPP information, to better reflect the needs of your business
  • End-point users fill in tailored questions
  • Question responses auto-populate RA page content at the start (prefix) or end (suffix) of the document
  • RA templates and formatting is now more flexible

Want to know how this can help you use the Risk Assessment feature more effectively? Work Wallet subscribers can book a user clinic by contacting our support team.

Audits & Inspections

NEW: Scoring & assessment options

Users now have greater choice of question scoring options in their audits and inspections, meaning the data collected can better reflect users' specific needs if required, including:

  • Percentage grading and scoring
  • Base scoring and quality scoring
  • Custom bandings for score results

Our new ‘tag a checklist’ option can helps to manage audits and inspections more easily too.

Site Gateway

Streamlined remote onboarding

Manage visitor and contractor compliance remotely before they arrive on site.

Simplify site Inductions, Briefings and Work Permits

Deliver your critical site Induction messages and Safety briefings, and record visitors’ acknowledgement and understanding – all before they step on site.

Gather essential compliance data, and issue Permits to Work for site activities – all without leaving your desk, using our innovative digital portal.

Click here to read more.

User Clinics: A helping hand

Our dedicated Client Engagement team is here to help users get the best out of their Work Wallet, including its new risk assessment feature and audit service enhancements.

We are running dedicated user support clinics, to help you get to know the new features and assist you to deploy them to best effect in your business.

Simply click below to get in touch and find a date that suits you.

Click here to book a user clinic.

Coming soon

We are working on other enhancements too, due out soon:

- Fully configurable Accident & Incident Reporting, with custom variable workflows
- Job Manager improvements

Are there other enhancements you would like to see? We always like to hear first-hand from our clients about how we can make things better for you – so please get in touch.

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