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Worried about face-to-face workplace Inductions? Don't be, as Digital Inductions are here - just one of the many features of our innovative health and safety software system!
Digital Inductions
Manage your Inductions from our Work Wallet platform

Just think if you could create induction packs online and send them directly to your employees and potential site visitors before they even get to your workplace - well now you can!

Manage your Inductions from our Work Wallet platform, creating and delivering induction information packs directly to your visitor and employees’ phones and email accounts.

There is no need to conduct face-to-face or group inductions for your site or office staff, you can now induct them before they arrive. This ensures they have the most up to date information, but more importantly reduces your COVID risk on your site, keeping your workforce and operations safe.

QR Code Scanning

Each induction generates a unique QR code and record that can be linked to other features including Safety Cards and Near Miss & Accident Reporting.

For example, when issuing a Safety Card, management can view a person’s most up to date induction record instantly, and the Safety Card is uploaded to this record.

The app and portal give you instant access to all records and data about a person on site, this is fully GDPR compliant and means no personal details are left around in paper form.

Retake Inductions

Something that has been very popular when speaking to clients about Inductions is the ability to create and edit your own induction material and keep it up to date yourself. Create an induction and, if and when government guidelines change, instantly update it from your app or portal yourself.

Each time you update your induction, a new version will be created and you can then choose whether to invalidate previous versions or just change the content for new inductees. If they are invalidated, the system will send a link to everyone impacted, alerting them that their induction is now invalid. They can then complete the updated induction.

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