Site Diary app supports productivity and compliance for FREE

Our FREE Site Diary app is proving a hit with construction businesses adopting digital working, delivering clear and tangible benefits over outdated paper-based systems.

14 March 2022

Site Diary in action at B+K Keele

Work Wallet's free Site Diary app is a mobile-first tool that enables site managers to make accurate site records on the go in real time, from any digital device.

Senior managers off site using the free Site Diary app also benefit from streamlined oversight. Consequently, this allows support resource to be better targeted. 

Already successfully used extensively by construction businesses including Bowmer + Kirkland, GMI Construction and GF Tomlinson, the free Site Diary app increases efficiency and productivity, enabling users to spend more time on site helping to make a practical difference. 

“Having Site Diary at your fingertips has immensely improved our records of day-to-day activities on site, allowing our managers to spend more time on site rather than doing paperwork in the site office. Important information can be recorded in real time, which means a much more accurate account.  

“It is a real game changer, from recording deliveries and wagon movements to progress photos, with such ease of use. The feedback from our site teams has been nothing but positive. It has been a great start to getting rid of so much paperwork, and to delivering a more sustainable workplace.” 

John Cregan, Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager for Bowmer + Kirkland 

About the FREE Site Diary app


The free Site Diary app is one part of a wider suite of health and safety software tools provided by Work Wallet. It makes it simple to record all types of occurrences on site at any given time or date, with data easily comparable in one complete overall picture, such as: progress updates; site conditions and weather records; contractors on site; deliveries received; incidents that occurred; and decisions made and the reasons why. 

Secure online storage maintains accurate records, easily accessible at any time. Consequently, this shows one version of the truth about happenings on site. In contrast, outdated physical record books are only accessible in site offices during working hours. Information is not immediately useful, taking time to find, analyse and use. 

Built-in reporting delivers invaluable data insights, especially when needing to evidence compliance for insurance claims, legal proceedings, incident investigations, audits, regulatory reporting, and quality assurance. Time-stamped records are easily findable, showing what was done, when, and by whom.

The development journey

“Every construction site needs to keep track of what is going on – but site managers have told us repeatedly that paper-based site record keeping is often not good enough. After hearing this feedback, Work Wallet wanted to help. We set about finding a solution to this problem and developed a digital Site Diary tool, which is available now, completely free for all users at all times.” 

“Thank you to our clients that helped to pilot the new feature. Their feedback helped us to fine-tune Site Diary before wider launch, and we are very proud of the result. The tool gives site managers and senior managers instant access to comprehensive information about their busy projects. It helps them maintain control, evidence compliance, deliver better quality outcomes, and keep people safe on site.” 

Adam Civval, Product Director of Work Wallet

Officially launched in March 2022 following the successful pilot period, the free Site Diary app is available now. It is a fully functional standalone module, but seamlessly integrates with Work Wallet’s wider suite of essential health and safety modules to provide automated entries. This includes Accident & Incident Reporting, Audits & Inspections, Permit to Work, and many more. 

For more details or to sign up now, visit

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