SMAS membership benefits enhanced with Work Wallet partnership

SMAS Worksafe, one of the largest SSIP safety schemes in the UK, has partnered with Work Wallet to enhance its membership benefits with state of the art health and safety software.

22 September 2021

SMAS partnership with Work Wallet

SMAS Worksafe has partnered with Work Wallet to enhance its membership benefits.

SMAS Worksafe is one of the largest SSIP safety schemes in the UK. SMAS membership benefits have been enhanced to include access to use Work Wallet, to help improve safety processes and keep operational in today’s working environment. Many construction firms in the UK and in over 20 countries worldwide use Work Wallet.

Over 25,000 SMAS members now get a free subscription to Work Wallet's Essential health and safety modules: Audits and Inspections, Incident and Accident Reporting, Job Management and Safety Briefings.

Partnership benefits

Using Work Wallet's health and safety software helps SMAS Worksafe members keep on top of health and safety issues on site. This includes completing HSE inspections, creating and sending safety briefings, and creating and sharing job packs. It also delivers risk assessments, audits, training packs and all other documentation.

SMAS Worksafe members demonstrate their health and safety to clients through a full assessment of their health and safety systems. Thousands of organisations nationwide recognise the certification attained. With Work Wallet included within their SMAS membership benefits, managing their inspections and safety records will be easier than ever.

“Work Wallet is a crucial new element of our Essentials Membership benefits package. This unique mobile app and online portal adds great value.  It stores and accesses members' health and safety data in one central place.

“At this time, fewer people are in their offices and it’s harder to keep track. This clever mobile app solves many issues at the same time.”

Danny Marinou – Managing Director, SMAS Worksafe

Connected and easy to use

Data links easily and effectively in real-time across any business by using Work Wallet. It fully connects employees and contractors, whether working in the office, on the move, or on site.

Essential health and safety data is gathered with one swipe, whether staff work on their own or with colleagues, on one site or multiple sites.

“We are delighted SMAS has chosen Work Wallet as their preferred health and safety app, and that we can add significant value to enhance the SMAS membership benefit package. Work Wallet enables thousands of people across UK businesses to create and record risk assessments, audits, near-misses and improve staff safety whether they’re on or off site.”

“Work Wallet has also enabled staff to return to safe working environments by introducing Covid guidelines using the app.”

Jonny Gray, Work Wallet CEO

SMAS works with thousands of contractors, helping them to meet their health and safety obligations with their unrivalled health and safety assessment and compliance support. Partnering with SMAS to enhance its membership benefits helps more people be safe at work.

Although the UK is a safer place to work than Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, with fewer fatalities at work, according to the HSE in their latest stats, Work Wallet is helping businesses to be even safer by ensuring all critical information is available in one place as Work Wallet delivers an all in one health and safety management system.

SMAS Work Wallet Membership

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