Whose responsibility is workplace safety?

02 September 2021

Workplace safety

When it comes to safety work, who is your top priority?

Who do you need to look after the most? And how do you go about doing that?

The key is in the word workplace.

The first thought for most people will usually be the employees they oversee and colleagues they work alongside. After all, you have a well-established contractual and statutory duty towards them, and probably personal connections too, that keep them front of mind.

But the “workplace” extends further than that. Anyone who enters your site or premises is your responsibility – and the only way to protect everyone to the best of your ability is to know who is on site, when, and doing what, as well as to know they heard and understand your key safety messages.

You also need confidence in the fact that have acknowledged their own responsibilities too. Health and safety is a universal obligation. Everyone has a part to play, in being mindful of others and compliant with essential safety procedures.

And that’s where Work Wallet's health and safety software comes in. Our dynamic all-in-one health and safety management app that connects your workplace and workforce together, building a universal safety culture within your business.

It’s specifically designed to help save you time, boost your productivity, reduce your risks, and keep your people safe.

And when health and safety is done well… Everyone is accountable, and everyone benefits.

With Work Wallet, it’s really easy to share your essential health and safety information, and access and review it, all in real-time. Work Wallet’s unique notification system highlights key health and safety information to all personnel through the app on their mobile device.

Everyone in your organisation benefits. But Work Wallet also has proven consequential benefits for your supply chain too.


What sets Work Wallet apart from other systems is its ‘Connect Wallet’ feature, allowing businesses to easily connect multiple work wallets, together allowing information to join seamlessly and flow easily throughout the business – standardising your critical messaging, bringing consistency to employees’ knowledge and decision making, and developing a unified safety culture within your business.

Whether you and your team use the app downloaded onto mobile phone or tablet, or access it on your computer at your desk, it’s possible to see all of the relevant health and safety information that’s essential to keep your people safe in the workplace.


The latest Work Wallet feature, Site Gateway, provides a revolutionary way to share your safety information with your contractors and subcontractors, check their credentials, and issue permits to work – before they even step on site.

Once they’ve arrived, you can monitor their progress and receive critical alerts throughout the day if issues develop that need addressing. And if you need to send out any safety alerts yourself, they’ll get them to through the app, keeping them in step with your employees.


Management can keep track of all personnel working on site, verifying that they are suitably qualified, trained, inducted, and have viewed and understood all the essential health and safety messages relevant to your workplace.

Records can also be filtered by person, qualification, operational process, incident type, or actions needed. It’s easy to demonstrate your compliance and proactive approach to health and safety.


If you’re a director you can have real time access to data about your workforce and supply chain through the management dashboard, giving you peace of mind about compliance, a clear view of any actions needed, and essential information to help you make health and safety decisions or investments.

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