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How Health And Safety Software is Helping Businesses Go Back To Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos for businesses throughout the UK and around the world. Many sites and business premises have had to close and are only slowly reopening.

If you’re a business leader or manager who wants to understand how health and safety software solutions like ours can benefit your organisation, then keep reading.
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Life after lockdown

While vaccines and prolonged social distancing have helped to reduce the pandemic, the virus is still out there, and businesses need to be vigilant.

There are still guidelines in place, and the UK Government keeps adjusting its guidance and support as the case numbers change.

As a result of all of this uncertainty, even as businesses are allowed to get back to work, many have found that reopening isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Staff are cautious and concerned about many different factors. These factors include potentially catching the virus or carrying it on their person and passing it on to over people, who might be more vulnerable to it than they are themselves.

Consumers are also equally cautious about staying safe, and many are focusing on ensuring that they only spend their money with businesses that put public safety first.

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Build back better

Add to this the ever-changed regulations and rules around keeping your team safe from the virus, and you have many compliance and risk management factors to consider when reopening your premise.

If you want to retain your business’s reputation for excellence and keep your staff safe, then you should consider using workplace health and safety software.

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) tools can help your business to manage risk and improve workplace safety.

At Work Wallet, we’re deeply committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their workplace safety.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a solution like ours can help you to improve your team’s safety and make them more likely to return to work stress-free and ready to drive your business forward.

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Stay Safe And Socially Distanced With Remote Briefings And Updates

Updating your staff on the latest health and safety practices in your workplace can be challenging, particularly if you have a lot of team members.

Health and safety updates are particularly challenging right now, as some staff might be cautious and not want to come into your base to receive the briefing.

Some might not be able to come into your offices before they return to work, so you need to find a way to communicate with your team easily.

Thankfully, Work Wallet offers digital safety briefings and online resources to allow you to inform your staff.

You can then track what every employee has seen, review feedback and answer any questions that your team might have, all remotely.

Our safety briefings feature allows you to update staff on each aspect of your business. As such, they can review the briefings that apply to them and won’t have to waste their valuable time learning about health and safety procedures that don’t apply to their role.

With our health and safety software, you can distribute your briefings and information to a targeted audience, even to non-platform users.

As such, you can remotely update everyone involved in your business about your health and safety procedures and any post-pandemic developments that affect them.

Easy Sharing

Go Paperless With Digital Health And Safety Apps

Passing pieces of paper, such as reports, audits and risk assessment lists between team members can transfer bacteria and other contaminants to surfaces and people.

As such, it’s vital that businesses such as yours work hard to get rid of paper reports and instead use a complete health and safety software solution.

With an online tool like Work Wallet, you can ensure that everyone in your team has access to the health and safety compliance solutions and resources they need without having to touch paper documents.

Instead, they can view your resources, health and safety audits, reports and other documents on their own devices, wherever they are and what they’re doing.

That means that your staff won’t have to come into contact with as many people or as many items. This approach reduces the chances of a Coronavirus outbreak devesting your business and putting your team out of action.

At the same time, it also ensures that everyone has access to all of the health and safety information that they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Health and safety software can also allow you to give real-time updates on the latest risk management techniques and safety practices.

Paper documents need to be remade and redistributed if they become outdated, but software can quickly and easily be edited and update messages sent out to relevant recipients.

Alongside being safer, going paperless can also help your company to save money and reduce its impact on the environment.

That means that there are many benefits to ditching paper and taking your health and safety management onto a platform such as ours.

Health and safety Actions

Learn More About How Work Wallet Could Benefit Your Organisation

As you can see from these points, a health and safety management software solution could significantly benefit your business.

Efficiency, effectiveness and safety are of paramount importance to every organisation, and that’s never been more true than today.

A Coranvirus outbreak among your workforce could potentially damage your firm and lead you to require costly cleaning processes and temporary staff.

Therefore, your company has to work even harder to ensure health and safety compliance than it did before the pandemic.

Using a reliable health and safety management system can make the difference between a successful business reopening and a chaotic one that is neither profitable nor enjoyable.

These tools can revolutionise your organisation and improve your health and safety practices, but only if you choose the right tool that gives you the flexibility and features that you and your team need.

If you’ve decided that a fully integrated, cutting edge health and safety management platform could benefit your organisation, then Work Wallet is here to help.

Our easy-to-use health and safety software supports you every step of the way. From onboarding through to managing your team and getting the features you need, our tool is intuitive and designed with you in mind.

Work Wallet is used by business leaders and site managers throughout the corporate landscape. From construction to distribution, the public sector to professional health and safety consultancy businesses, many companies choose to use Work Wallet to improve health and safety management and keep their employees safe.

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With Work Wallet’s innovative risk management software, you can save time and get your staff back to work safely.
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