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Workplace inductions made easier

How practical is it to induct people who are visiting your site, temporarily working in your workplace or coming onto site as contractors?

Perhaps COVID has highlighted that the waiting around for site managers or works managers to give the induction makes everyone less productive.

Have you been searching for another way?
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There is one. It’s digital inductions.


Our health and safety software provides people with the ability to access all of the relevant safety information they need to visit you and be compliant when there.

And with Work Wallet you can create inductions for different levels; the site visitor coming for a tour is unlikely to need as in-depth induction as the contractor working on site for the day. Or the operator whose booked via an agency to help for a month.

You can easily induct all your team members, suppliers and visitors before they arrive onsite – giving you the confidence that everyone on your site is fully trained and up to date with your latest health and safety practices.

And making you all more productive to boot; no time waiting around, no not understanding what PPE is required and no dashing around trying to find the right person to complete the induction.

It’s all tracked too. You can see who has completed the induction. All from your portal or app.

Digital health and safety to help keep you compliant and people safe on your site.

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