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Stress Awareness Month The Balancing Act of Health and Safety

April has been Stress Awareness Month and last week saw Mental Health Awareness profiled.

How can health and safety software help bosses tackle these big issues?
A health and safety manager is tasked with 'preventing accidents, injuries, and work-related illness.'

That’s the scope of a H&S job function within workplaces.

What stress does that put onto those responsible which this function?

Reduce the stress of health and safety by using our all in one app
What does that mean in practise?

It’s not just a system you need to have in place it’s the compliance.

That’s where stress can be added to the working day of the nominated safety person or team for an organisation.

That’s before they have to deal with paper all over the place to chase and systems galore for their day to day safety management.

Management Benefits of Work Wallet Health and Safety Software
How can a digital health and safety system help?
  • Stops the paper chasing
  • Helps implement the KPIs set
  • Ensures compliance with your processes
  • Provides ONE system for your safety
  • How can we support you?


      • It’s an all-in-one systems which mitigates the multiple systems that are often used and our users report how easy it is to implement AND use


      • Digital inductions to take the pressure off the nominated people who induct visitors and contractors


      • Permits to Work that reduce the hassle of paper chasing and support effective control of high-risk activities on your site *** NEW FEATURE ***


      • Help monitor fatigue with the clock in and out feature so your team don’t overdo it on the hours


      • Site diary removes the excessive admin time of seeing exactly what’s happening on your site(s) so that you have a full picture at every moment of the day *** NEW FEATURE ***


    • Safety Briefings users reported that 83% of their team felt far more connected helping people feel safe and reducing the stress a busy unconnected site can give to workers.
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