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Question? What is the biggest thing most safety app platforms do not do?

A lot of platforms aren't able to connect several health and safety modules together, giving you and your workforce real-time insight of what is going on on site or in the workplace.
Do you have multiple apps on your phone doing one operation?

Most platforms offer one or two different tools - normally audits and/or risk assessments.

They do not give you an all-in-one health and safety tool.

You end up with lots of different apps and software that gives you that overall picture of what is going on on your sites, in your offices and across your supply chains.

It is all about how people use technology!

We put people and the workplace in the middle and wrap app technology around, ensuring the whole workforce is connected and can feed information between sectors, departments, teams and even suppliers.

Connect the whole workplace and workforce together. People, companies and clients can easily share information, cutting down on paper chasing, improving overall health and safety including risk assessments, audits, digital inductions, safety briefings and more.

Work Wallet has all the health and safety tools you need in one mobile app and online portal, giving you a full picture in real time by seamlessly integrating each module so you don’t miss anything.

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So, are you ready to go digital?

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