Derbyshire Blood Bikers Keep Safe Using Work Wallet

Keeping safe on the roads is a full-time job for the charity Derbyshire Blood Bikers. The local charity provides an urgent medical courier service to the NHS in Derbyshire.
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Work Wallet is proud to be supporting Derbyshire Blood Bikers by providing its all in one health and safety platform to the charity.

Traveling thousands of miles across the East Midlands, riders deliver blood to hospitals and critical medicines to patients at home.

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Graham Bennett, Derbyshire Blood Biker charity volunteer, said:

“We are very pleased to be using the Work Wallet platform.  

"It helps us to monitor both our fleet of bikes and rider’s safety in real time, reducing paper chasing time.”

Jonny Gray, CEO of Work Wallet, said:

“We are delighted to be supporting Derbyshire Blood Bikes.

"Doing such a dangerous public service requires constant auditing of the bikes, equipment and keeping up to date the safety records of the riders.

"It was a natural fit for us to offer our support with our health and safety platform.”

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Designed and developed in Derby, Work Wallet has seen a 550% growth in the app platform in 2020.

It helps businesses streamline their health and safety processes using its all in one health and safety management system.

Blood Bikers are firstly using Asset Inspections to inspect, audit, record and track motorbikes, making sure they safe to ride every week

Secondly they are using the latest modules, Inductions and Safety Briefings. The platform helps send health and safety updates, Covid-19 updates and hospital site information directly to riders.

The app platform is easy to use and records everything in a management portal for key personnel to check.

For further Information on Safety BriefingsInductions and Asset Inspections please Contact Us

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