What do Health and Safety Consultants think?

Find out how using Work Wallet's health and safety software has helped CEO Shane Moore's business.
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How has the Work Wallet health and safety platform changed the way you work?

"The information now is in real-time, where that person, at that time, can spot an issue straight away."

What is the biggest operational advantage to your company using Work Wallet?

"You have the documents, the risk assessments, the method statements, the training records of that person on the same tablet."

What have your clients said about using Work Wallet?

"The fact you are recording safety issues in real-time has been 100% accepted."

How have your teams reacted to using Work Wallet?

"THE QSC staff like it."

How have Managers and Directors reacted to having online KPIs in Work Wallet?

"All these issues now can be recorded on a dashboard that a person can stand at board room level with a physical dashboard of the operations of that company."
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