Digital health and safety tools: Big user benefits in their own words

Our clients tell us that our digital safety tools are a great enabler for their businesses, helping them to achieve more, and to do it more easily.

24 May 2022

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Digital safety tools are an enabler for businesses, helping them to achieve more, and to do it more easily.

Work Wallet helps clients around the world to boost their health and safety practices with modular health and safety software. Feedback from our clients is incredibly important to us.

A big part of our success comes from listening closely to client feedback, and acting on it to improve our digital safety tools. Our responsive in-house development team responds to client needs, and iterates our health and safety software platform to constantly make things better.

Our customers also regularly tell us why they like our digital safety tools so much, and the significant benefits it brings to their businesses. Find out below what they have said.

Flexibility and ease of use

“The ever-growing scale and complexity of Encore’s global events meant we needed to move on from manual safety processes and adopt a digital system. After a comprehensive review, we chose Work Wallet because of its enhanced user interfacing, ease-of-use, and flexibility. Everyone can use it instantly, from operatives at events, to senior managers in global offices, joining up our safety communication and problem solving like never before.”

Ian Locke, UK Health & Safety Manager, Encore Events

The beauty of Work Wallet's digital safety tools lies in its ease of use. It's intuitive usability makes it simple to get started with straightway. This consequently makes it the perfect solution for busy professionals who don't have time to waste.

Its modular approach and simple per-user per-month pricing plans make it fully adaptable to your evolving needs.

More sustainable

GMI construction logo colour - GMI uses Work Wallet digital safety tools"Work Wallet provides a perfect solution for our SHE and project delivery teams, streamlining our approach with digital delivery and removing unsustainable paper-based processes."

David Perks, Head of SHE, GMI Construction

From a macro environmental perspective alone, adopting digital safety tools is an easy decision. Going paperless saves paper, reduces deforestation, reduces carbon emissions, and ultimately reduces your company's carbon footprint - which is good news all round.

When discussing sustainability, you should also consider local level impact and improvement. This is because, in a demanding working world, where the trend is usually "more for less", your working practices cannot overburden your business or your employees.

You can add to this debate then the savings delivered generally by greater productivity and efficiency. And don't forget the ability to refocus the time saved from not having to scour through paper-based records for the information you need. Or the small costs that quickly mount up for printing and storage. Adopting digital safety tools will help reduce unnecessary overheads and remove the grit from your systems.

Better data

strata logo"Since using Work Wallet, the amount of accident and near miss data we receive has increased by over 65%, showing that the user-friendly nature of the system has enabled our teams to embrace the change, which has happened a lot quicker than we could ever have imagined."

Dean Cowling, Head of Health and Safety, Strata Homes

Using digital safety tools gives you a more complete picture of what is going on in your business. By making it as easy as possible for employees to report accidents, incidents and near misses and other safety information, you will quickly start to see patterns emerging.

Previously, with paper-based systems, it was all too easy to skip reporting, because it was too hard to do effectively. Data sets were incomplete, and there was no true picture of what was happening, consequently meaning interventions were often less effective.

With digital safety tools, the rich data collected helps target problem areas, prevent accidents, and create a safer workplace.

Work Wallet's digital safety tools give you the power to make real change in your business, quickly.

Time saver
Jonny and John Cregan -health and safety software
John Cregan (left) & Jon Gray, CEO

"Managers to spend more time on site rather than doing paperwork in the site office. Important information can be recorded in real time, which means a much more accurate account. It is a real game changer [and] the feedback from our site teams has been nothing but positive."

John Cregan, Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Bowmer + Kirkland

It is largely impossible to make a significant impact from behind a desk, therefore spending time out and about it essential. Managers and safety professionals want to make sure their site operations run smoothly. Talking to staff and seeing things first-hand enables you understand and address problems more easily.

Using digital safety tools to communicate with your work force makes sure your key safety messages are heard and understood, and ensures a constant real-time flow of information. Managers can analyse complex situations more easily, and consequently decide how to focus their valuable site time for the greatest benefit.

Real-time collaboration

Sanctuary Logo"We are seeing the positive effects of removing the burden of completing and storing paper forms, replacing them instead with an intuitive handheld app. We are now in a position to work more collaboratively with our contractors whilst providing all levels of management with a window into site activity in real time.”

Phil Johnson, Senior Health & Safety Business Advisor – Development and Construction, Sanctuary Housing

A better two-way communication flow between the office and worksite keeps everyone aware of what is happening, as it happens.

It is easy to keep up to date with digital safety tools. They can deliver instant alerts, notifications of occurrences, and evidence project progress with regular multimedia updates.

Operatives and site managers can focus on the job at hand, without having to keep senior managers in the loop. That's because senior managers already have all the information they need to hand accessible online at any time.

Connected workplace

“The most intelligent part of the Work Wallet platform is that it connects everything together and brings all our health and safety into one place, helping identify and solve issues before they escalate. Our employee engagement has significantly increased since using Work Wallet, compared to the paper-based system we previously used.”

Wayne Beedle, CEO, World of Sweets

The key to preventing health and safety incidents and injuries to staff is to spot and manage hazards early, stopping them from developing into dangerous situations in the first place.

Having a strong workplace safety culture is a key enabler of that. Everyone has a degree of responsibility for their own health and safety, and of those around them. Keeping everyone fully informed and on board therefore makes your safety systems more effective. Using digital safety tools makes this much easier.

Effective compliance

Shane Hill Freightliner Asset Inspection using digital safety tools"Using Work Wallet has allowed Freightliner Southampton to vastly improve on our previous delivery method and our controls. Overall, moving from paper to digital has significantly improved staff communication. It has also made on-site contractor safety, document control and job assignment better."

Shane Hill, Operations Support,  Freightliner

Using digital safety tools to deliver your safety information means everyone is kept informed. As a result, they know what needs to happen to stay safe and well.

Going digital enhances compliance standards, allowing you to keep in control of who is doing what, where and when.

And, should you ever be challenged, you've got all your compliance evidence stored securely in one place in the cloud. Multimedia formatting, increased searchability, and better indexing therefore means you have accurate records at your fingertips. With digital safety tools, one central place for all your data means there's only ever "one version of the truth".

Simple and intuitive 

Churchill Retirement Living logo“Churchill previously used NHBC for H&S inspections. When NHBC stopped, we brought this in-house, to capture data, assign actions and create reports. We looked for an app that could capture data on the go, and found Work Wallet. Getting started was cheap, quick and straightforward, requiring minimal tech support. Usability is good and staff can start using it intuitively.”

Malcolm Coles, Head of H&S, Churchill Retirement Living

Work Wallet is simple to set up and easy to get started with.

Contact us today to find out how Work Wallet's award-winning digital safety tools can help your business, or sign up online for an account to get started straight away.

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