Paperless working: The benefits of sustainable digital safety software

Paperless working technology and processes are a must for any business, going hand in hand with the concept of being more sustainable. But what does sustainability mean in business, and what benefits does paperless working bring?

06 May 2022

Paperless health and safety management systems bring many benefits

Paperless working technology and processes are a must for any business, going hand in hand with the concept of being more sustainable. But what does sustainability mean in business, and what benefits does paperless working bring?

Paperless working practices boost sustainability. For many, sustainability simply means taking a greener approach to working practices. However, more broadly, sustainability also means running your business more efficiently. This includes making resources go further and protecting employees from burn-out, minimising strain on your operations, finances, and staff.

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many people's minds, the use of health and safety software has become more popular than ever.

These systems offer numerous benefits for both the environment and your business, including reduced carbon emissions, ease of use on the go, and greater sustainability overall. We'll take a look at just a few below.

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Save paper to protect the environment

B+K site manager on siteManaging health, safety and environment processes at work is a hot topic. Focus is often placed on preventing injuries and identifying and rectifying hazards - but everyone is at risk from climate change. It is having direct impact on employees, and on businesses operations. It is a serious risk that needs managing and mitigating like any other.

Role-modelling best practice starts at home, and everyone can do their bit, however small. Why not do yours by getting your own house in order, and adopting paperless working practices? It will save paper, reduce deforestation, reduce carbon emissions, and ultimately your company's carbon footprint - which is good news all round.

Plus, digital systems are often more sustainable than their paper-based counterparts. Paperless working reduces the need for storage space, and with records easily accessed from anywhere in the world. You can keep track of your business' impact on the environment, no matter where you are.

For instance, Work Wallet users have completed nearly 70,000 digital audits, averaging 10 pages each. Users have therefore saved 700,000 sheets of paper, equating to 1,400 reams - or, to put it more tangibly, nearly 90 trees that have not been cut down.

Not to mention, digital systems are just easier to use!

Don't get left behind

Asset inspection app in useLet's face it - we live in a digital world. We all increasingly manage our lives online, and paperless working for health and safety is simply an extension of this. Digital systems offer employees and managers the chance to access information at any time, from anywhere, at the touch of a button.

What is more, paperless systems are often more accurate than paper-based ones. They offer a 'single version of the truth', meaning everyone is looking at the same information. This can help to reduce mistakes, and ensure that everyone is on the same page - literally, as using digital systems allows for greater and easier collaboration too.

Waste less time and be more productive

Studies show that, individually, we each spend around ten minutes a day looking for lost items. That's just in our own houses where, in theory, we know roughly where to look! Scarily, that amounts to six whole months of your life, spent doing... well, nothing of any use, really!

In business, time wasted searching for misplaced items or documents can be extremely costly. In a paper-based system, it is not uncommon for important files and paperwork to go astray. However, paperless working and digital systems make sure everything is stored and indexed in one place. Anyone who needs your data can easily search and access it. This means less time spent looking for things, and more time spent being productive.

Site Manager using Work Wallet in the site office on a laptop for paperless workingWith an easy-to-use paperless working system such as Work Wallet - with intuitive user interfaces making everything smart and simple - everything is presented in an easily digestible and understandable format.

No more trying to decipher coffee-stained, unreadable, handwritten scrawls on a tatty bit of paper you have just dug out a filing cabinet. And all after you looked for it for half an hour under "G" when it was actually filed under "L"!

Reduced storage, reduced cost

Paperless working offers a multitude of benefits, not least in terms of saving paper and reducing storage needs. This reduces additional "hidden" costs associated with such things as printing and filing. You save time, energy, work resources, and money, as small costs quickly multiply across a whole business.

And that is before we even consider the security implications. You store digital data far more securely than hard-copy records, and will have confidence that vital information is safe. You are protected from the risk caused by damaged or misplaced documents, as everything is backed up.

Additionally, one of the biggest single costs a business can face is a fine for non-compliance with safety or data regulations. Features such as digital audits and inspections, risk assessments, asset checks, and incident reporting can help keep you on the right side of the law. How much is it worth to you to know your data is safe and secure in an online cloud-based location? Or that you can easily evidence compliance at the touch of a button?

Customers love it

Site manager app close upEvery business is under pressure to do better environmentally and be more sustainable. Its part of providing the best service they can for their clients. Do not underestimate the importance of being part of an ethical and responsible supply chain by providing paperless working.

By choosing a digital system yourself, you are not only boosting your sustainability credentials and providing easy access to information - but also allowing customers to benefit from the same paperless working approach in their business too.

Customers will love that you're reducing your own environmental impact and streamlining processes, providing them with a better experience.

When tendering for work, evidencing a responsible supply chain and paperless working processes can make the difference.

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So why wait?

Embrace paperless working today by adopting a digital health and safety system, to unlock a world of benefits for your business. Digital working delivers increased efficiency, enhanced security and compliance with regulations. With no more paper-pushing, who knows what new horizons open up for your business?

If you're ready to switch to digital health, safety and environment processes, they could revolutionise how you do business. It might just be the best decision you make in the next 20 years.

There are of course various systems available on the market today. By all means, feel free to check out them out! But we are completely confident that none of our competitors can match Work Wallet's award-winning modular digital health and safety tools for price, flexibility, scalability, or ease of use. With thirteen different modules to choose from, on per-user per-month pricing plans to suit you, you only pay for what you need.

Get in touch today for a demonstration of how Work Wallet can help you improve your business.

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