8 reasons businesses use health and safety systems

12 October 2021

Work Wallet modules - health and safety software

Health and safety systems are essential

Health and safety systems are undeniably influential tools in the workplace. The wellbeing of workers has been a much-discussed topic in the media and within companies internally. Responsible business leaders are implementing all the measures they can to keep their employees safe.

Through history, the risk of injury and even death at work was one an employee needed to take to earn their keep. Some companies still try to get away with slacking on their responsibilities, discretely risking their employee’s health to make a profit.

In the age of technology, there’s nowhere to conceal dubious practices. Tougher measures are now in effect. All firms must take their obligations seriously, and health and safety software is a crucial step on that journey.

The perks of health and safety software have been far-ranging. The technology has helped some companies immeasurably, influencing almost every aspect of their business for the better. You won’t ever look back once the software is integrated into your firm.

1) The technology is easy to use

Digital health and safety systems can be beneficial. However, not everybody is technologically proficient either. Business leaders may fear becoming lost in a confusing digital space. They may also be concerned that not all of their workers will utilise the tools effectively.

You do not need to worry as health and safety software is simple and easy to use for all. The technology can be accessed via mobile, tablet, or computer, giving your teams quick access to management reports and KPIs on their platform of choice. Instead of panicking and chasing people around for essential files, your workers can remain at their stations and have all they need at their fingertips.

The efficiency of your entire workforce can be enhanced with health and safety software. You don’t need to worry about weak link colleagues holding up critical processes or being ignorant of crucial information. The technology educates all, builds confidence, and creates peace of mind. After all of that happens, workers can be safer in one another’s company too.

2) Reducing admin by using a digital health and safety system

All workplaces struggle with administrative tasks. Many employees are buried under piles of paperwork daily.

Work Wallet's health and safety systems software enables your company to cut back on time-consuming admin tasks. Risk assessment and COSHH documents can be made and branded in a matter of moments. Point of work variants can also be created swiftly. RAMS can be automatically created as PDFs.

Workers will save time and potentially be more productive with more important business matters. Staff satisfaction numbers may rise due to employees feeling less stress. They could also feel like their work matters more when they’re not performing menial duties all day. It may also lead to better retention rates for your firm.

A more promising work culture is developed that isn’t bogged down by admin. Employees will have a clearer sense of their goals, spend more time acquiring new skills, and have a more profound role in your workplace.

3) Workers are more engaged

Health and safety systems can educate your workforce. Employees can become more engaged with their company’s activities and expectations.

Employee safety is no single worker’s responsibility. While leaders, health and safety officers, and HR staff may have a more proficient level of knowledge, other employees can now use software to become well-versed in these matters themselves.

Communication can be improved once everybody understands one another better and possesses similar values. Lower skilled workers may become more invested in their work when they have informative tools at their disposal and understand how to avoid health and safety risks.

Engagement is improved at a foundational level, too, and you can build a safety culture. Your workers can use health and safety software to clock in and out of their work premises, notifying colleagues of where they are. Alerts can be featured if a worker has not clocked in on time. You may be able to run procedures like fire evacuations more smoothly when you know where people are too.

Export work hours can also be monitored, granting insights into how long staff have spent at other locations. If you consider some workers more reliable than others, you can give them more responsibilities.

Health and safety software can influence team members. They may be more punctual when arriving at work and could realise how important they are to running the company. It can bring perspective.

4) Compliance is assured by using a digital health and safety system

Any company that defies the law and jeopardises its staff’s wellbeing can potentially cause injuries and deaths. After that, fines, firings, closures, and criminal proceedings are all possible, depending on the severity of the case.

Your company should comply with health and safety regulations at every turn. Health and safety software helps enormously to manage compliance and allow you to instigate health and safety processes that improve workplace safety.

Work Wallet health and safety systems software can be a hub of crucial compliance data for your business, such as safety audits, risk assessments control measures, incident management reports and more. Data such as this and other vital health and safety documents can all be stored securely here. The information can be accessed swiftly as well by any authorised staff member. You can manage risk assessments, efficiently record data and more.

Should important questions arise over your firm’s health and safety compliance, you will have the answers to hand straight away. Relevant inspections may also proceed more swiftly when you’re suitably prepared.

Other relevant parties can also review procedures for their own peace of mind too, removing any doubts quickly. Knowing that their firm is compliant in all measures daily could give them an enormous boost. After doing their part, they can dedicate their energy to other business areas instead of worrying constantly.

5) Businesses can adapt to Covid

Health and safety has been most firms primary consideration in recent times. The coronavirus pandemic has made workplaces adapt to a new way of doing business.

Many firms experienced setbacks. Lockdown kept customers away from brick-and-mortar companies, and firms are now dealing with a new world economy.

Work Wallet health and safety software can help your business diligently manage pandemic risks like never before. Use the tools to orchestrate digital safety briefings that have been informed by up to date online resources. Track employee engagement, invite their feedback and begin a back-and-forth dialogue with team members on the topics discussed.

Uncertainty and misinformation have been crucial issues during the pandemic. Having access to health and safety software that can provide real-time updates on safety precautions and risk management techniques is invaluable.

There’s also the case that digital health and safety systems will put a dent in transmitting the virus. When reports are electronic, they won’t be physically passed around from worker to worker.

6) Go paperless with a digital health and safety system

Businesses are expected to be more eco-friendly by law and by the public. One of the ways to achieve this is by using less paper.

If you can store all of your health and safety data on one digital platform, then paper documents, suppliers, and storage become far less taxing. Using less paper destroys fewer trees and uses less energy in turning those trees into paper, reducing emissions and subsequent water and air pollution too.

Sensitive data is less likely to be lost or stolen, and workers will find the documentation they need more easily. Once again, this can eliminate much wasted time.

One business cutting back on paper use may not seem like a big deal, especially if yours is small. Still, the little victories count for a lot and are part of a more significant collective effort. Any company that does its part here can be proud.

7) Protect reputations

All the positives of health and safety systems feed into one resounding perk; protecting a firm’s reputation.

When it comes to health and safety, the margin for error is growing narrower and narrower. The public is less forgiving, and they’re now more informed on what standards to expect from the businesses they trade with.

There are many messages your company can send by safeguarding staff and protecting the environment with digital solutions. As well as boosting the efficiency of the corporation, you can also communicate your values. More people will want to work with and for you. Your company may even attract higher quality job recruits.

It doesn’t take much for a firm to sully its reputation. Even companies of high standing can make one mistake and risk destroying everything. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and health and safety can help your company avoid any missteps at any stage of its journey.

8) Flexible pricing options

Technology can be expensive. Prices can rise extortionately high when using the latest gadgetry for business purposes.

However, Work Wallet's health and safety systems software enables your business to manage things affordably and proportionately. You can choose between Professional, Business, or Enterprise plans, with each tier granting access to more users. Health and safety software solutions are available whether a company is a hopeful start-up or a long-established corporation.

You can also change the number of users at any time. Should you wish to cancel your plan, you can do this at the end of your billing cycle. The software can keep up with the evolution of any company, making it a reliable resource in the years ahead.

Flexible pricing is also an indicator of excellent service. It tells clients that the company they are working with has nothing to hide. You aren’t locked into anything under these strategies, which can help you feel confident when trying these solutions for the first time.

Work Wallet health and safety software enables workplaces to function with greater awareness. Interpersonal relationships between staff can improve as they have more significant insights into each other’s needs and those of the firm. Your company can also demonstrate its commitment to helping others through any means necessary. Many aspects of your company’s running and image can be improved upon.

Contact us to arrange your demo today to see how health and safety software can benefit your firm.

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