How Health and Safety Software Is Changing Workplace Culture For The Better

17 October 2021

health and safety software

Every business boss dreams of building a thriving workplace culture. But how does health and safety software improve things for the better?

Culture is everything for a company. It can be what motivates people to show up for work and makes them stay on for many years. Staff may be more loyal to companies that treat them well. Genuine friendships can develop, and employees will push themselves further for the colleagues they care about.

These qualities are essential when it comes to health and safety. A company that cares can reduce accidents, save time, and make a work environment far more focused and proactive. The culture of your workplace can change everything and may even make the difference between success and failure for your business.

Setting the Tone Early

All businesses worry about whether newcomers will be the right fit. Even the interview stage cannot bring complete clarity. A high staff turnover can be costly, so each new hire needs to integrate into the workforce seamlessly as early as possible.

If you have similar concerns yourself, you can use health and safety software to present fresh recruits with a digital induction program long before they start working. Pre-arrival inductions can save a lot of time for your business. Getting people up to speed before they arrive at your premises can ensure that they hit the ground running immediately.

Build your own site-specific inductions with the easy to use content creation tools from Work Wallet. Present newcomers with the perfect image of your company so that they understand the culture instantly. Set your questions and mark standards for test pass rates. Browse who is okay to be on-site at any time.

These solutions work effectively for remote workers too. Keep them informed before their start date, and there will be less of a learning curve during their first days in your employ.

Nurturing Culture Remotely

Many businesses worried about losing the caring side of their culture when remote working came into effect. Health and safety software can abate those kinds of fears.

You can use the technology to help keep your workers connected wherever they are. Every employee can be in tune with their colleague’s needs. Health and safety software means a workplace culture can perfectly translate to an online medium. It can be nurtured no matter where you or your workers are located.

The software has many features that can support your efforts well. Safety briefings can relay key messages. You can also set KPIs, review safety actions, or get key signatures for risk assessments. All this information can be accessed remotely, which means your health and safety culture can be stabilised irrespective of location.

Including Everybody

Health and safety software can be accessed via a variety of devices. These include phones, computers, and tablets. Everyone should be able to get online without issue and access relevant health and safety data, manage risk assessments, conduct safety audits and generally efficiently record data on risk management in your business.

Not all of your workers will have access to each of these devices. Some may only have a phone in their possession and have little need for a work computer, depending on their role. Regardless of which pieces of equipment they own, they will be able to access health and safety software thanks to its dynamic range of availability.

Robust work cultures are not possible if some workers are phased out of crucial operational areas. When everyone is on the same plain of understanding, feelings of inclusion and aptitudes for communication will be strengthened.

Users can also use the program to clock in and out of the workplace, job site, or suitable remote locations. Employees can build their awareness of one another’s activities. When everyone feels connected, they could feel like they’re a part of something more.

Establishing Leadership

Because you can conduct many work processes remotely, your employees will be able to engage with you and see what tasks you choose to perform openly. You may be able to lead by example thereafter.

When business leaders behave in a certain fashion, employees keen to please and be promoted one day could follow suit. If you navigate health and safety software regularly and proficiently, you could inspire others to do the same. Your company’s culture can change with you, so keep your level of influence in mind as you navigate the program.

Remember that some business leaders can be elusive and barely communicate with their staff. Others can be rarely sighted by their workforce, having a presence infrequently. Being active on health and safety software tells your staff that an accessible and proactive leader looks after them. A friendlier and content work culture can be built from there.

Building Confidence

Many businesses have been forced to stop and start their operations in recent times. Some firms still face uncertainty and would appreciate feeling more confident about their position.

If you’re still uncertain about what fate awaits your business, health and safety software can help your business get back to work with a bang. The essence of your business can be maintained irrespective of pandemic disruptions or any other influence. That can give you and your workers peace of mind, affecting how you all approach your work forever.

Confidence is a crucial attribute of any thriving work culture. Everyone needs to be at their best, both professionally and mentally, and health and safety software can provide those assurances. Once each person in your employ puts their best foot forward, a robust culture can grow organically.

Advancing the Workforce

When workers are confident, they work harder. Health and safety software can upskill your workforce and help them to understand common health and safety risks. You can use these technologies to implement remote training regimes.
Aside from protecting worker wellbeing, additional benefits come with training your workforce in health and safety processes. They include:

  • Workers feeling more stimulated in their roles and more committed to them.
  • A potential reduction in insurance premiums if crucial standards are met.
  • Avoiding legal complications by reducing accidents in the workplace.
  • Employees developing a proactive mindset that can translate to other aspects of their roles.

Your business can advance alongside the attitude of your employees. Track and monitor your staff’s progress with the training solutions provided by Work Wallet health and safety software. Browse their training and qualification records to see which areas can be improved and what tasks they have completed.

The training is in-depth, so your workers won’t be mindlessly clicking through and ticking boxes wishing for it to be over. Instead, they will be engaged. Your business will have profound principles baked into the culture, and workers will take their obligations more seriously.

Sharing Responsibility

It is a mistake to leave health and safety and risk management matters to superiors and specialists alone. The entire workforce should embrace a sense of collective responsibility.

Health and safety software can remind your staff that everybody has a part to play in ensuring workplace safety. It connects your workforce and builds a universal culture of safety within your business.

Workers can be tracked, and safety messages can be sent, read, and learnt from by everyone in your employ. All of this can embolden your employee’s relationships. They will look out for each other and keep one another safe by reducing risks as a team.

Other staff members may educate each other and establish mentoring roles. Everyone can be brought closer together by lifting each other up, increasing notions of loyalty.
Employees may feel less pressure knowing that others have their back. They may also feel more motivated to play their part, knowing that their colleagues do the same. Staff satisfaction levels may also build, with your company’s culture fuelling better staff retention rates.

Emphasising Security

The health and safety software from Work Wallet is accessed via the cloud. Know that your data is stored safely. Inform your workers of this as well to give them insight.

Once you set a precedent for keeping data secure, your employees may apply these lessons to other aspects of their roles too. They may be less inclined to document reports via pen and paper and instead rely on digital security more often. Workers may also place more trust in one another once security becomes a priority.

Exchanging data via the cloud can also save time. Your workplace culture will be focused and efficient, and there will be less time spent on idle conversations at one another’s desks. Keep your business premises focused with health and safety software, and anything more social can take place after working hours.

Valuing Honesty

Your workplace culture needs to be grounded in reality. Honest communications should be encouraged so that the business can improve productively and steadily.

Health and safety software comes with accident and incident reporting tools that can help unearth the truth of any investigations more efficiently. The real-time Accident Reporting module is equipped with an investigation checklist, Root Cause Analysis records, and an Event Timeline builder to depict events accurately. Your business can focus on securing precise results.

This type of culture means that your company can more easily bounce back from any missteps. Instead of panicking, your employees will already have a plan in place to remedy issues. Workers are occasionally prone to human error on some level.

Health and safety software can swiftly get to the heart of relevant matters. The data you gather can help you and workers learn from mistakes and never make the same ones again.

If they were responsible for an incident, some fickle employees might lie about how accidents transpired to save their careers. The proper monitoring tools means you can weed out any troublesome staff from your business and curate a more reliable and cooperative workforce instead.

Follow our blog for updates if you want further information on the latest health and safety software features. Experience our online demo for the program and get started today.

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