Health and Safety Software Reducing Paperchase

Health and safety technology in the workplace

The Covid pandemic has accelerated Health and Safety technology transformation in the business and public sectors, helping to keep staff and workplaces safe and operational though these testing times.

Communication with staff and delivering safety information has never been so important!

So chasing paper and connecting to people has changed as health and safety technology has helped give instant visibility of what's going in the workplace.
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Question? Too many H&S software apps on your phone ?

Lots of Health and Safety technology platforms aren't able to connect health and safety modules together, therefore not being able to get an overall insight of what's going on..

So because of this, some businesses have been implementing multiple health and safety technology platforms and as a result their staff have been confused which one to use, stop using them and then management aren't getting the KPIs they need.

All you health and safety in on place

Engage, Educate and Evaluate

There has been an explosion of health and safety platforms in the last year.

Most platforms offer one or two different tools - normally audits and/or risk assessments.

They do not give you an all-in-one Health and Safety tool and therefore means you and your employees end up with lots of different apps and software.

So firstly, the problem with multiple apps is people forget how to use them - there is always a barrier to usage.

Secondly, it gives you information gaps of the overall H&S picture of what is going on at sites, in your offices and across your workforce supply chain.

Want to stay safe, compliant and operational?

Managing your Health and Safety thought your supply chain

Its all about how people use health and safety technology!

We put people and the workplace in the middle and wrap app technology around.

As a result, the whole workforce is connected and can feed information between sectors, departments, teams and even suppliers.

Easy on boarding helps staff confidence in using technology, and therefore less resistance - so above all, remember

"if people can't use it - it won't work"

People, companies and clients can now easily share information, cutting down on paper chasing, improving overall health and safety.

Using digital risk assessments, audits, online inductions, safety briefings and Accident reporting helps to capture the information quickly record, act and track any issues that need attention.

So in conclusion, Work Wallet's health and safety tools give you a full picture in real time by seamlessly integrating each module together so you don’t miss anything.

Is your business prepared for digital Health and Safety transformation? See below how QSC did!

Don't just take our word for it What do Health and Safety professionals think about our health and safety technology?

Find out how using the Work Wallet's health and safety software technology helps CEO Shane Moore's business.

It's transformed how we operate as a business, we can create, send and track essential health and safety information at the tap of a button - it's a real game changer for us."

All together in one place See how our health and safety technology makes a difference in...

Construction sector

Teams across the Construction industry, from independent contractors to national developers, rely on Work Wallet to help manage their Health & Safety.

Distribution Sector

Within Distribution, there are many elements to manage Heath & Safety. From Asset Inspections, Site Safety tours and Issue Reporting, Work Wallet provides the tools needed.

Public Sector
Public Sector

Covering a wide range of functions across the Public Sector, from Highways, Parks and Surveying you can provide your teams with everything they need to stay safe.

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So, are you ready to go digital with health and safety technology?

If you have any questions about the Work Wallet system, and how it helps you stay safe and compliant please contact us, otherwise Get Started today, we look forward to having you on board!
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