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IB Group uses Work Wallet's health and safety software for Audits & Inspections, Risk Assessments and Safety Cards through the portal and mobile app.
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IB Group is a national cash and carry, distribution and wholesale business with historical health and safety processes that needed to be modernised with technology. Differing levels of adherence over 20 locations was no longer acceptable and Work Wallet was the solution to help drive compliance.

IB Group is using Work Wallet's Audits & Inspections, Risk Assessments and Safety Cards features on both the platform's portal and mobile app.

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Wayne Beedle, CEO of IB Group said:

“We first started using Work Wallet in 2018 as a trial, but we quickly realised how it streamlines all health & safety across our business and improves communication between management and our workforce.

“The most intelligent part of the Work Wallet platform is that it connects everything together and brings all our health and safety into one place, helping IB Group to identify and solve issues before they escalate.

"Our employee engagement has significantly increased since using Work Wallet, especially near miss reports which are up month by month compared to the paper-based system we previously used.”

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