Incident and Accident Reporting: The benefits of using digital health and safety tools

Incidents, accidents and near-misses happen every day in the workplace, and it is important they are reported to help prevent future issues. Using digital tools can help.

13 January 2022

Incident and Accident Reporting by Work Wallet

Incident and accident reporting can be conducted in many ways. However, one of the most effective is with digital health and safety software tools. These allow for quick reporting, capturing detailed information about the incident, and much more.

Easy and accessible Incident and Accident Reporting

Here are some of the benefits of using a digital health and safety incident and accident reporting tool:

Quick reporting

You can quickly report an accident from anywhere with an internet connection. This is important in emergencies when time is of the essence.

Detailed information

The tools allow you to collect detailed information about the incident, including photos and videos. Consequently, you can use this information to identify trends and help prevent future accidents.

Safe storage

You do not have to to worry. All records are stored in a secure location, and will not be lost in a data breach or fire.

Easy access Used by Warehouse and distribution businesses Health and Safety App

You can easily access the records from any device, making it simple to share with different people or teams. Additionally, all your data is stored in one place. This is therefore especially important in large organisations, where it might be difficult to share information if you're not all on the same platform.

Efficient analysis

Digital tools allow quick and efficient analysis of incident and accident reporting data. The results are also easier for decision makers to understand. Traditional methods, such as using paper reports or spreadsheets, make it harder to collate and cross-reference data. Therefore, trends and threats are more likely to be missed. Opportunities to prevent harmful incidents and accidents occurring may not be spotted, leaving businesses liable.

Increased efficiency and productivity

If you can use incident and accident reporting tools to reduce the number of injuries that occur, your business will benefit. This is because you will reduce lost working time by maintaining a fit and healthy workforce, minimising disruptions and reliance on costly temporary cover.


By using a digital health and safety incident and accident reporting tool, you can more easily ensure your organisation is compliant with all relevant safety regulations. Having easily accessible and understandable incident and accident data to hand makes it easier to evidence compliance when needed.

Unified safety culture

Digital incident and accident reporting tools empower your workforce. This is because any person who possesses a digital device can become more involved. Health and safety is an issue for everyone, and everyone should own it – not just an organisation’s leadership team or safety professionals. An empowered workforce is more involved in your business, and more involved employees will be more engaged.

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to complete you incident and accident reporting more successfully, then consider using a digital health and safety incident and accident reporting tool. These tools have many benefits that can help your organisation be safer and more efficient.

How can Work Wallet help with your Incident and Accident Reporting?

digital accident reporting appEvery workplace must be mindful and compliant when it comes to health and safety. It’s a core responsibility that employers hold, mandated by law and regulation. Going digital can help.

Work Wallet provides innovative, modular, mobile-first digital tools for all your health and safety needs. But, one of its most popular features is its smart and simple Incident and Accident Reporting module.

With it, you can easily report and manage all types of incidents on site in real-time, including near misses, accidents and concerns. Therefore, you create a safer site for all, using powerful, simple-to-use tools. Workers report issues more easily, and managers investigate and close more efficiently.

Fully customisable

The Incident and Accident Reporting module is fully customisable to your needs. Work Wallet updates the app regularly based on feedback from users. Its useful features, lacking from many competitors’ platforms, include:

  • Unlimited user-defined incident categories, subcategories, and workflows
  • Build category-specific workflows with tailored question sets for that specific issue
  • Add workflow components, including questions, workflow branches, photos and contacts
  • You can select and name multiple people as party to an incident, including witnesses
  • Simple version control, when creating new reports or accessing historical data

These aspects combine with other Work Wallet tools, including investigation checklists, route cause analysis and the timeline builder, therefore creating a unique package for digital issue reporting.

With Work Wallet, safety professionals, business managers, and executives can easily control their company’s incident and accident reporting processes. Work Wallet is accessible in the office on computers or laptops, or on the go from any digital device. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use the system from wherever they are, becoming empowered and involved.

Unlike other EHS software providers, Work Wallet’s modular products allow you to choose and pay for only the modules and number of users you need. There are no tie-ins. You can choose bundles of essential features if you want to. However, you are free to manage your health and safety your way.

Want to know more?

You can read more about Incident & Accident Reporting and find out about Work Wallet’s wider suite of modules.

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