Work Wallet Is Multilingual

Users across the world can access all the main platform features of our health and safety software in a variety of languages including Spanish and Polish.
Work Wallet global presence map

Work Wallet is very excited to announce that its platform is now available in multiple languages.

This means you can now communicate with your colleagues globally, not just verbally but also digitally, ensuring there is no language barrier and therefore communication across the world is seamless.

Work Wallet is a multilingual platform

When configuring your wallet, choose which language option suits you and your supply chain best. To change the language of your app, just follow these simple steps:

From your homepage click the ‘More’ tab in the bottom right-hand corner
Click ‘My Details’
Click ‘Edit’
Scroll to the bottom and under ‘Select language’ press the yellow box next to your current language
Chose which language you would like your app in
Click ‘Save’
Your app is now in your preferred language!

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