New modules - Site Activity Log and Permits to Work

Work Wallet launches two new modules

Two BRAND NEW modules have been added to the Work Wallet health and safety software platform - Permit to Work and Site Diary .
Permit to Work Site Diary

All in one health and safety software company Work Wallet has added two new modules to its platform.

Permit to Work and Site Diary launched in April 2021 to further enhance its mobile app and online portal. Thousands of businesses across the UK and internationally use the platform to manage all aspects of health and safety and keep their teams safe and compliant.

The new modules have been built to integrate seamlessly into the other modules the platform provides including Audits and Inspections, Risk Assessments, Digital Inductions, Accident and Near Miss Reporting and Safety Briefings.

Permit to Work through Site Gateway

New Module Permit to Work

The Permit to Work module is used by companies to authorise people on their sites to undertake more hazardous activities and enables them to keep a record of it. A specific person is assigned a permit to work for a specific activity, it is a one-time permit and time limitations can be set for when the permit expires.

Issuing and recording these permits contributes to high standards of health and safety and compliance on sites – managements know when hazardous tasks have been undertaken, by who and that they were completed safely.

This new module supports permits of any type, gives you the flexibility to build your own workflows and enables you to monitor hazardous activities, wherever you are.
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Site Activity Log and Daily Diary App

New Module Site Diary

The Site Diary module is a very exciting release for Work Wallet, it is a true all in one solution for your health and safety, see everything about your site in one place.

See a digital birds-eye view of what is going on a site on a particular day including update notes and images, what is planned for the day as well as external factors such as the weather and working conditions. Information is fed in both automatically and by many different people on site including management, workers and security, so information is relevant and up to date. This module is also free for all Work Wallet users!
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Adam Civval, Product Director at Work Wallet, said:

“Both of these new modules are really exciting developments for the platform – they will give our clients even higher health and safety practices and compliance and give them an all-in-one health and safety solution.

“We built the new modules based on feedback from our clients. They told us about the day to day problems they faced and we used these insights to shape the development, meaning their sites are safer, more compliant and their teams are working safer.”

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